Bella Travel Network Shares Safety Tips For Using Public Transportation While Traveling

Bella Travel Network shares safe transportation tips.

Bella Travel Network shares safe transportation tips.

Bella Travel Network says if a country has a pattern of tourists being targeted by criminals on public transport, that information is mentioned in each country’s (Country Specific Information Website) in the section about crime. This is something important to look at when researching your area destination prior to traveling.


  • Bella Travel Network recommends only taking taxis clearly identified with official markings. Beware of unmarked cabs.


  • Well-organized, systematic robbery of passengers on trains along popular tourist routes is a problem. It is more common at night and especially on overnight trains.
  • If you see your way being blocked by a stranger and another person is very close to you from behind, move away. This can happen in the corridor of the train or on the platform or station.
  • Do not accept food or drink from strangers. Criminals have been known to drug food or drink offered to passengers. Where possible, lock your compartment. If it cannot be locked securely, take turns sleeping in shifts with your traveling companions. If that is not possible, stay awake. If you must sleep unprotected, tie down your luggage and secure your valuables to the extent possible.
  • Do not be afraid to alert authorities if you feel threatened in any way. Extra police are often assigned to ride trains on routes where crime is a serious problem.


Bella Travel Network Shares What You Need to Know For Your Camping Trip

Bella Travel Network

Bella Travel Network

Bella Travel Network knows that many people enjoy camping in amazing and beautiful destinations all over the world when they are getting ready to go on their vacations. More than other types of travel, a camping journey can be all about living in and enjoying the open air. Generally, there can be a number of suggestions and techniques which may help generate the transition less difficult and make your camping experience much more soothing and enjoyable. Today, Bella Travel Network shares a tip that will help you on your next backpacking trip.

Because the camping tent is the focus of pretty much all camping journeys, you want to make sure that you know how to set it up perfectly. In in case you are completely new to camping, the first thing that you need to do is learn how to pitch your camping tent. You should probably learn how to do this long before you visit the campsite. Being able to get it done easily and properly will be really significant when you arrive at your destination and are ready to settle in.  While pitching your tent, look for a natural bed of soft dirt because this way you’ll be able to sleep a lot more easily in your sleeping bags.

Another thing that campers should keep in mind while camping is how to stay warm. Bella Travel Networks reminds that campers can also benefit by simply dressing up in layers that you can wear while traveling and as it really is the easiest and most effective method to be able to manage your own body temperature particularly in winter season.

Bella Travel Network Shares Philadelphia For The Perfect Vacation

Bella Travel Network, a leading provider of luxury vacation accommodations, shares Philadelphia as the perfect summer vacation destination. Situated in the Delaware Valley, Philadelphia enjoys a humid subtropical climate. The city is known for The Liberty Bell, which is visible in its large glass structure from the street but to get a close up view take the tour through Independence Hall.

Then watch coin production in The United States Mint from viewing platforms 40 feet above the factory floor. There are video and audio stations to relay the history of currency. Wander the rooms of the President’s House, the nation’s first executive mansion with memorabilia of George Washington and John Adams presidencies and the nine enslaved Africans that served them. Another house to explore is Edgar Allan Poe’s home at The Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site, where the poet penned his famous stories.

With replica firefighter dressings rooms and real fire engines from three centuries, the Fireman’s Hall Museum is a delight to visit. Or stroll the galleries of the Institute of Contemporary Art where art by Robert Indiana, Andy Warhol and Agnes Martin among others is displayed.

View the unique objects in the Mutter Museum, where oddities include pieces of Einstein’s brain, surgical tools and other medical instruments from the past. Stroll around the modern structure of the Barnes Foundation, housing the world’s greatest collection of modernist and impressionist art displayed side by side with crafts and fixtures.

Enjoy the friendly atmosphere of Franklin Square, where you will find mini golf, a carousel and food vendors.  Stroll down to South Street to witness The Magic Gardens, a vacant lot transformed into a piece of art with thousands of mirror and ceramic tiles adorning the debris. Bella Travel Network hopes your vacation to Philadelphia will be the best one yet.

Bella Travel Network’s Top Overrated Summer Vacation Spots

Bella Travel Network, a leading provider of luxury vacation planning services, knows that when it comes to determining the perfect summer vacation destination, ultimately choosing somewhere that turns out to be less than stellar can be a frustrating experience. There are some cities that travelers who have visited remark about similar things, despite being known as popular travel destinations. Here are two of this summer’s overrated vacation spot.

  • Bora Bora: While this country is considered one of the most beautiful in the entire world, for all those vacationers out there looking for opportunities for adventure this might be one place to skip. Each resort is located on its own private island and most people visiting are couples on honeymoons, so there isn’t much of a summer social scene to be found.
  • Dubai: While the shopping remains to be an international draw (visitors can even ski at the Mall of Emirates) and it’s nickname as the Las Vegas of the Middle East, this city is an unfortunate reminder of the world-wide economic crash during the late 2000s. There are abandoned buildings still waiting to be finished, with cranes perched on top. Also, the city is very hot, making the sweltering summer a time period to avoid.

For some, these cities might be everything and more that they were imagined. The message isn’t to bash certain places or destinations. The main point Bella Travel Network shares is that any traveler should be prepared. To avoid having a vacation experience that is less than stellar, make sure to do proper research online to know more about what to expect about a particular destination to avoid being disappointed.

Bella Travel Network Shares Chicago for Summer Fun

Bella Travel Network, a top-tier member of the travel industry, provides travelers with a unique experience to enjoy the finest in luxury vacation accommodations and amenities. This, along with a focus on customer service and appreciation, makes for a stand out opportunity for your dream trip. This summer, Bella Travel Network invites you to come live out the ideal vacation you have always wanted in Chicago.

This Illinois city is one that offers many opportunities for fun and excitement. Spend the day at Navy Pier, an attraction that’s fun for the whole family that features entertainment, shopping, dining, cruises and other special events. This scenic area encompasses more than 50 acres and also includes parks and gardens to spend time getting acquainted with nature.  If around at night, be sure to stick around for the amazing fireworks display.

This landmark extends nearly a mile out into Lake Michigan, which is another exciting area to visit. The perfect summer activity is spending time with friends and family in the water, whether it be on jet skis, boats or even just swimming alongside one other.  And for those interested in what’s underneath the water, make sure to visit the famous Shedd Aquarium. This venue plays host to many different extraordinary events and exhibits, experiences the whole family can enjoy. Take an opportunity to do something daring and go on a shark feeding tour, spending time behind the scenes in the wild reef. In Chicago, anything is possible and Bella Travel Network knows it’s one destination that offers much to do for families and friends of all kinds.

Bella Travel Network Portrays A Picturesque Vacation In Phoenix

Bella Travel Network, the finest in luxury vacation accommodations and amenities, invites travelers to experience the beauty of the desert in Arizona in the state’s exciting and scenically beautiful capital, Phoenix.

When in one of the hottest towns around (summer temperatures soar over 100 degrees, the hottest on record at 122 degrees in June of 1990) why not keep with the hot theme and visit the Hall of Flame, the national historical fire foundation. This museum hosts almost an acre of fire history exhibits, with over 90 fully restored items fire-fighting equipment, some pieces even going back as far as the early 1700s.These come from around the world including England, France, Austria, Germany and Japan, along with the National Firefighting Hall of Heroes.

Phoenix is one city that also offers that opportunity to interact with nature. The Desert Botanical Garden is a great place to learn more about the different types of plant life. This is a great resource to learn more about gardening from the experts, especially for those that hail from similar desert climates. This place is fun for both kids and adults, since there are a variety of events like music in the garden, flashlight tours and more.

There are also other beautiful scenic elements in this city, and a favorite local activity is to enjoy the sights and a hike. There are several different gorgeous places to do this including Camelback Mountain, South Mountain Park, Piestewa Peak or even the Pueblo Grande Ruin.

Bella Travel Network shares that Phoenix is one city that sights reflect an important focus on nature than any traveler will enjoy.

Bella Travel Network Takes a Springtime Vacation to Atlanta

Bella Travel Network shares that nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Atlanta enjoys a humid subtropical climate. A hiker’s haven, there are numerous trails to explore including Pine and Swanee Mountain, and the East Palisades on the Chattahoochee River to name a few.

View one of the last urban forests from a 40-foot high viewpoint on the Kendeda Canopy Walk within the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Other attractions at the botanical gardens include formal rose and Japanese gardens, a conservatory exhibiting plants from tropical and desert areas as well as indoor exhibits.

Bella Travel Network encourages travelers to enjoy the Georgia Aquarium, which is the world’s largest indoor aquarium and also the World of Coco-Cola, celebrating the history of this iconic soft drink. Zoo Atlanta is unique, as it houses the largest collection of orangutans and gorillas in America as well as giant pandas. In total, the zoo accommodates 1,300 animals so there is plenty to see and learn here.

For the adventurous traveler, Bella Travel Network recommends a visit to either or both of the Six Flags venues are a must-visit destination. Six Flags in Georgia has lots to offer including thrill rides, family and children’s rides as well as events, dining and shopping. The White Water Six Flags has thrills for those who enjoy splashing and bursting through water with many rides to choose from.

For an unusual experience, visit Underground Atlanta, which covers five blocks and incorporates venues for entertainment, fine dining, shopping and an insight into the history of Atlanta’s past. Originally constructed post Civil War, the area was renovated in the late 1960’s. Other eclectic neighborhoods include Little Five Points, a bohemian hangout, East Atlanta with restaurants and gastro pubs and Cabbagetown, with its restored architecture.


Bella Travel Network Enjoy The Lively Buzz Of Irvine In Southern California

Bella Travel Network members recommend for tourists to travel to Irvine in Southern California this Spring. Irvine stands out as a perfect holiday destination, as it is just minutes away from the world’s renowned shopping, spectacular beaches, award winning restaurants and family-friendly theme parks.
Bella Travel Network members say that by enjoying the dynamic museums and shows in Orange County, chic shopping at unique boutiques, luxurious hotels and outdoor excursions, you are sure to have an entertaining experience during your vacation in Irvine. Your Irvine vacation will provide you with all this and much more. The best thing about traveling to this premier destination is that it is very easy to get to, as it is located in the heart of Orange County, featuring its own train and airport. Connecting to outstanding travel providers like Bella Travel Network and finding the right vacation packages will surely turn out to be quite a bargain.
Bella Travel Network recommends that for tourists looking for a dip in the ocean to enjoy beach vacation in Irvine, as there are many beautiful beaches where they can have fun relaxing under its sunny skies. Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach and world-famous Long Beach are the major attractions for the tourist interested in having fun in the sun.
Bella Travel Network says that there are plenty of reasons to enjoy a vacation in Irvine as a trip to this location is quite affordable. Irvine has many great vacation rentals for budget-conscious travelers. Irvine is a masterfully planned country, so tourist can enjoy this sparkling city any time of the day and night, running and biking and doing as they desire. Tourists who are interested in the performing arts can also enjoy a play at Barclay’s as enchanting performances take place here all year-round.
Bella Travel Network knows that the children are attracted to the Wild Rivers Water Park, as it is full of adventure and fun activities. With thrilling rides and intense water sports for rafters and floaters, there are multitude of diverse attractions to please your family and to keep you coming back for more thrills.

Bella Travel Network Visits The American Museum Of Magic At Michigan

Bella Travel Network members suggest for vacationers to enjoy a visit to Michigan’s world of outdoor adventure, which promises them more excitement and thrilling activities than one can imagine. Tourists can discover America’s greatest historic attractions when they tour the Henry Ford Museum or enjoy an educational experience by visiting its working drive in theater.
Bella Travel Network members know that nature-loving tourists will be more interested in enjoying the wilderness of Michigan and enjoy its historical hiking tours. They will love the experience of hiking this mighty land between lakes and other geological formations which makes them feel as if they are in a bygone era. By going on guided tours, travelers are sure to gain more knowledge about Michigan’s rugged terrain and appreciate the history and awe-inspiring wonders of this holiday destination. Tourists will be exposed to the real depths of Gitche Gummee, using all their senses as they experience the waves, shoreline and gentle breeze. They can even sail near dramatic cliffs of Presque Isle and enjoy breathtaking vistas of forested islands and Hogback Mountains in the distance.
Bella Travel Network members say that if you enjoy camping there is no need to buy the camping gear when you can easily get rent everything from tents to sleeping bags, to shovels and axes. Tourists who are interested in enjoying a guided Kayaking tour can experience the Pictured Rocks National Lake shore, where they can enjoy a world-class kayaking experience like never before.
Bella Travel Network recommends that after enjoying all the natural beauty of Michigan, visitors stop at the American Museums of Magic. Here, travelers will be able to see real magician’s artifacts. A visit the Michigan’s famous Amusement Parks guarantees a day full of fun and enjoyment. Whatever recreational adventure you decide to take while visiting Michigan, it is sure to be the vacation of a lifetime.

Bella Travel Network Shares Tips for Enjoying a Trip to Costa Rica

Bella Travel Network knows that outstanding beaches, an incredible tourism atmosphere, water that is warm and swimable year-round and a wide variety of attractions, are just some of the reasons why travelers from around the world rank Costa Rica as one of their favorite vacation destinations.  Costa Rica features many different excursion opportunities ranging from Toruquero, which is a eco-park to many more varied adventures for vacationers to delight in. Whenever travelers are planning to visit Costa Rica, it is important for them to take a few must-have items with them such as their passports and insurance information in the event that something does happen to them. Bella Travel Network advises that it always better to be save than sorry.

Travelers should always make sure that they have enough bottled water and food with them if they decide to go on a hike, to the beach, or enjoy any other remote outdoor activity. If vacationers are traveling by car or any other type of motorized vehicle, they should make sure that their gas tank is full before going anywhere that they are not familiar with, recommends Bella Travel Network. If travelers have any questions about their destination, the top attractions there, accommodations and more, they can always call the helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff at Bella Travel Network about the best place to get a tour guide. This luxury vacation provider always advises that people should do some research before they end up traveling anywhere.